Board Members

We owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women of our armed forces.

We thank all our brothers and sisters in arms, past and present. Whether or not you believe in the wars we have fought or are currently fighting please support our troops. They serve with honor, dignity, and integrity and deserve your respect and appreciation. Please thank a Veteran. Its a small token on your part for the huge commitment they have made on theirs.Thank you to those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. Today we honor you, and all of the sacrifices that you have made. Thank you for your selfless courage.

Mike Brunner "Redneck"

  • Avid Hunter
  • Volunteer Fire Fighter in Elroy, WI
  • Loves to help other people
  • Loves farming
  • Happily married to a very supportive wife


Brad Hammermeister "Big Daddy"

  • Lieutenant on North Freedom Fire Department
  • Father of 5 children
  • Husband to a very supportive wife
  • Enjoys the excitement of people when things work out for them
  • “No” is not in my vocabulary



Ray Zimmerman "The Griz"

  • Family man of 4
  • Loves to hunt and fish
  • Loves to mentor others that share my passion



Dave Reynolds "Trail Boss"

  • Very active in horses
  • Loves to hunt
  • Has a son and daughter
  • Happily married

Scott Gates "Gator"

  • 2nd Assistant Chief of Elroy Fire Department
  • Father of 2 sons
  • Avid hunter
  • Former marine
  • Army veteran