Thank You!

Everyone at Outdoor Adventures for the Physically Challenged would like to thank everyone that made a donation or took time out of their lives to help with everything.

First we would like to thank is Flying V Lodge which is owned by Lassy and Twylla Napolitano for processing all of the animals you and your crew did for us.  Your work is very appreciated.

Next we would like to thank Rocky Top Taxidermy which is owned by Jess & Nonie Bloom.  They also go the distance by donating their time and labor on the mounts.  Thank you very much.

Next this group of businesses listed helped get Truck Z, which hauled the handicap around in the fields, woods and etc. They are Butches Body Shop, Corys Body Shop, Carquest of Elroy, Runicks, Klitzke Fabrications, Hartje Lumber, Pomp Tires, Hancock Tires, and North Freedom Repair. These people helped on the truck getting it ready to go to Wyoming. Randy Braun, Dennis Witt, Frank Braun, Dave Hawkins, Mark Strampie, Rita Strampie, Tim Ramsey, George of the Jungle, Pat Macluskie, Freedom Signs, Lee Tagney, and Brad Hammermeister.

This group helped on the pontoon boat which was donated by Arthur Buye.  Once we got the boat, Scott Gates and Mike Brunner hauled it to Elroy, WI where Dick Preuss, Rudy Brueggeman, and Greg Dierick spent a week getting it ready for the trip. “Thanks Guys!!”

This group sealed the final stuff for the trip Heritage Manor, Shear Delight Salon, Lake Delton Walmart, Bardo’s Four Bears, Tailor Made, Midor, McGann Furniture, Reedsburg Salvage, Doug Johnson, Ken Miller, Some Resort, B&R Trucking, Marty Koenecke, and Flambeau Inc. for the back packs which helped carry water, snacks, etc. Words can’t describe what each and everyone has done for the foundation, with your help the smiles and memories will live on forever. Thank you all.

One more person to thank.  This gentleman drove over 3,000 miles to help us with the hunt. Thank you very much Bruce Bullard from South Carolina. Now that’s cool.

Outdoor Adventures For The Physically Challenged