With all the thanks to Ron and Barb Brunner.

Outdoor Adventures for the Physically Challenged was created back in 2010 when the board members, by an act of God, got together and went on a hunt with a gentleman named Dave Reynolds.  When we left Wisconsin to go to Wyoming we were just 4 guys and a quadriplegic going to hunt. We didn’t know we would create friendships that will last our lifetime. Dave is able to shoot and move his chair with his mouth by sucking and blowing. The first day of hunt we couldn’t get Dave where he had to go in his handicap van, so we used the 4×4 truck.  We didn’t have a ramp of any kind, so we backed the truck into a ditch and Dave was able to move his chair onto the tailgate. It worked and we were all amazed. The hunt was on. Now we could get Dave to the hunting location. Dave saw an antelope and said that was the one he wanted. So Mike set up his gun rest on his chair. Dave takes aim by moving the scope with his chin and sucking on his tube to shoot the gun. The antelope goes down 158 yards away. The owner shows up at that moment and saw Dave shooting the antelope with his mouth and right then and there decided he wants to turn his ranch into a physically challenged hunting adventure. So now, to this day, the whole south ranch is only open to the physically challenged.